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Be the Super Hero in somebody's


Help Us Make a Difference

For four years, A.R. Projects has been a lifeline for vulnerable and homeless individuals. Our dedicated team, driven by lived experiences, provides essential food and support services. Unlike many organizations, we are not government-funded, making your support even more vital to our mission.

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Real Impact, Real Stories

Real Impact, Real Stories

Your generosity helps people like Sarah, a mother of two who struggled to make ends meet. Thanks to your support, Sarah received monthly food parcels and participated in our job search workshops, finding stable employment and securing a brighter future for her family.

Could You Spare £6 to Provide a Food Parcel?

Did you know that for just £6, your donation will provide a food parcel to someone in need?

Wouldn't it be amazing to know your small contribution could make such a big difference?

What if You Could Sponsor a Family for Just £18?

Imagine if your donation of £18 could sponsor a family of four, ensuring they receive food to aid them though hardship. Isn't it worth it to know you are helping an entire family get through difficult times?

Why Your Donation Matters

Every donation helps us:

  • Operate our soup kitchens and food banks, serving 1600 individuals monthly.

  • Provide basic food previsions to struggling families in you community.

Ready to Be a Hero?

Are you ready to be a hero to a family in need?

Make your donation and sponsor a family today. Your contribution is more than a donation; it’s a lifeline.

Together, we can create a brighter future for vulnerable and homeless individuals.

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Join Our Donors' Circle

Your donation does more than provide food – it builds a community. As a thank you, you’ll receive a free donor's t-shirt and join our exclusive group for regular updates, free merchandise, early bird discounts, and VIP options for our events. Join a network of compassionate individuals making a real difference.

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