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The AR Food project is fighting to help the homeless

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

The AR Food project is fighting to help the homeless, the vulnerable, and the "too often overlooked" of today's modern world. Many people, who end up on the streets or with addictions, had a tough start in life. We can not turn back the clock, but we can help heal the wounds and offer a brighter outlook to those living in darkness.

We are strong believers in giving young people a solid foundation to take on life's curveballs and prepare them to be able to face the hardships of growing up in a fast-changing modern world.

That is why we are the proud sponsors of Thaitanz Muay Thai Gym. Thaitanz was established in 2015 and has a clear mission: "to build a community of young people who love Muay Thai, are resilient in everything they do and work hard to reach the top of their goal. Whether that be being the next tennis superstar, getting the top grades in school, or being the next best influencer".

Many of the most successful men and women have a solid background in some form of competitive sport. Muay Thai teaches not only how to defend yourself but also responsibility, Discipline, self-confidence, and endurance.

Contact Kieran via:

MOB: 07870 565 395

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