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Water for life

Updated: May 12, 2022

There are people in the world whose only wish is access to clean, drinking water.

Is this unreasonable?

We think not.

Children born into poverty walk for miles every day to collect water, that is full of harmful and often deadly parasites. The same water the children drink to survive, claims 2 million of their young lives annually. Education is a way out of poverty for children and families of third-world countries. A well-educated child in a Third World country could see a family and future generations out of poverty for good. Taking away the need for children to collect water every day would not only keep them alive but allow them to go to school and study for a better future.

We have built over 20 water wells to date in villages around the world.

We build on average one per month. With your donation, we can increase this number.

You can do this with a donation of as little as £10 a month, or whatever you can afford.

One hundred per cent of donations goes towards the construction of water wells.

Please donate to our wishing well, where dreams really do come true.

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